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South Africa needs entrepreneurial education for young learners

South Africa is not isolated to the quality of entrepreneurship education and training but has a broader problem of primary and secondary education in its entirety and a further problem is that the system encourages higher education as the sole pathway to professional achievement and success.

Inside his struggles: Young Adolf Hitler

He was no ordinary young boy. He didn’t just take any orders from the school nor his father.

S.A kids glued to screens: Department of education needs to take advantage

Keeping children safe and educated will require more than just the norm. The world of internet and smartphones is increasingly growing and the department of education needs to realise this, with the chance of improving the education of young learners.

When it comes to education deficit, corruption leads the way

Everyone is now keen to engage and take action in the fight against education problems. Countries are gearing for 2030, with the hope of meeting SDG 4 among other goals.

The state of nature: Do we need the government?

We need the government for two reasons; the fact that men is egoistic and the fact that the world has limited resources and unlimited wants and/or needs.